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Whatever your business technology needs are, Artcom can fulfill them

We operate with a core set of family values, including honesty, integrity and reliability. Artcom has established an unparalleled reputation for providing its clients with outstanding customer service and on-time, on-budget communications solutions — every time.

Cabling Services

We can take your system from concept, to design, to installation, while providing the information necessary to help reduce future service costs.

Telephone Services

Use your new, integrated telephone system to streamline your business and maximize your employees’ effectiveness. Our equipment is user-friendly and adaptable for any size business.

IT Support Managed Services

Our success in our IT services starts with our experts. Artcom’s IT professionals are trained to manage any installation, troubleshooting scenario or data disaster.

AV Services

Our AV experts have the expertise and knowledge to service any event’s needs.

Government Contracting

How we provide superior quality to all of our government contracting partners

Artcom is highly qualified on national, state and local levels with several distinguished government and product certifications.

ArtCom Texas